6 Instagram Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Instagram is probably my favorite social networking site. There are so many gems that make the user experience simple and unlike Twitter, they let you edit your captions. As a social media pro, knowing the different tips & tricks of a social media app makes the job SO much easier. The good news is, you don’t have to a social media pro to master Instagram. Here are 6 of my favorite and most used Instagram hacks!

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6 Instagram Hacks @ByKeenaRenee

Get notifications on your favorite people and brands

Remember when Instagram announced their new algorithm and everybody and they mama was posting this…








Well, turning on post notifications is actually a great way to stay updated with some of your favorite people and to be sure that their post don’t get lost in the sauce.

To turn on notifications for a specific user: Go the user’s profile and open up their post. Click on those magical 3 dots and choose “Turn On Post Notifications” from the menu. BOOM!

Hide and Customize Your Filters

Did you know that you can hide any filters that you do not use as well as rearrange them to your liking? If you are a heavy IG user then you most certainly have a go-to filter that you use for your pics.

To reorder your filters: Scroll to the very end of the filter list, click on “Manage”. Hold down your finger on the grey lines on the far right, drag and reorder.

To hide filters: Deselect the filter you don’t want to use by tapping the check mark on the right.

Hide photo’s you’ve been tagged in on your profile

I personally HATE being tagged in random photos and definitely like to monitor what’s posted on my profile.

To hide tagged photos on your profile: Go to your tagged photos. Click on those magical 3 dots in the top right and choose “Edit Tags”. Select the post you want removed from your profile. Click on “Hide From Profile”. BOOM!

IG stalk without worrying about the “double tap”

Nothing is worse when you are going through the pictures on someone’s profile and you accidentally like a photo from 3 years ago. Here’s how you can IG stalk someone in peace

To IG stalk in peace: Go to the users profile, let ALL the post load. Turn on airplane. Stalk in peace. Turn off airplane mode. BOOM!

View all of your Liked post

This one I just recently got hip to. You can view all the post that you have liked on Instagram

To view your liked post: Go to your “Options”. Click on “Posts You’ve Like” under the Account section.

Insert line breaks in your bio and captions

This is one that some people miss but its definitely a goody.

To insert line breaks: When writing a caption, click on the “123” button on your keyboard and the “Return” button will appear on the bottom right.

Alright guys, those are my 6 Instagram hacks! These are just a few that I most commonly use. Do you have hacks I should know about? Follow me on Instagram and tell me all about it!

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