6 Healing Crystals To Feed Your Spirit

It absolutely grinds my gears when people call my healing crystals, “rocks”. Like seriously? Though its super annoying, I assume its because you are uneducated on the topic and have some preconceived notions about what healing crystals are exactly. I’m really big on energy & vibes. I can feel a person’s energy whenever I am around them and I feed off it it. In a nutshell, healing crystals help to keep my energy in check. Each crystal has a different meaning and serves a different purpose. If you are looking to get more into healing crystals and are unsure of where to begin, here are six stones to get you started.

All photos by Tom Medvedich

Rose Quartz

Commonly called “The Heart Stone”. Rose Quartz is for the highest vibration in the universe – Love.This is a stone that everyone should have in their collection. Love isn’t just referring to attracting it in the romantic sense, but also in strengthening the bond between your family and friends.


Amethyst is so freaking beautiful ya’ll! I always imagined that Prince’s Paisely Park was just DRIPPING with Amethyst. Not only is the crystal pretty AF, its a stone that promotes peace, balance, and growth. Things that I need on a daily.

Green Flourite

This is a great stone to have for those that can be indecisive AF. Green Flourite promotes clarity and mental order. For those days when you just can’t seem to figure anything out…keep your green flourite nearby and see if it’s energy causes a mental break through.

Black Tourmaline

This is a favorite of mine and probably one of the most necessary. This bad boy wards off any negative or bad energy. LISTEN. I am not one for the negative energy. We all have to get through this thing called life and I chose to do that with love and positive energy. The cool thing about this crystal is when you hold it tightly, you can literally feel its energy. Go out and get you one and see for yourself.


This is another favorite of mine. It’s Green Aventurine and it’s said to be the “good luck” or opportunity stone. It’s to be of benefit to those especially in the areas of creativity and imagination. Whenever I gift anyone with healing crystals, this is the one that I usually go for.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt is great for a lot of things but in the spiritual sense, it promotes spiritual, mental and emotional balance. Seriously ya’ll..there are a TON of benefits to this mineral, why do think everyone has one of those Pink Himalayan Salt lamps?

All of these healing crystals on this list I personally own and have found them to be very useful. Visit this website for a more comprehensive definition on each crystal if you need additional insight. I hope post made you not only want to go out and get a few stones for yourself, but to think twice before calling someone’s healing crystal’s that dreaded R word.

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