5 Tips for the Perfect Romantic Meal

When it comes to the perfect romantic meal, there is a lot of pressure. The meal that you have is about more than the food. It’s the music and lighting, ambience and the scene that you set. Whether you are setting the scene for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, you need to be able to enjoy the meal together. 

A romantic meal is one where you can just be in each other’s company and enjoy the conversation that flows. More than ever, it’s to be able to enjoy some excellent food that you cook. You do not have to make this is a pressure-filled evening with anxiety and nerves as a side dish, not when you have our five tips below. So, whether you are hunting down the perfect hakka noodles recipe or you are happy to make the best possible Beef Wellington, you need help! This list of tips works whether you are arranging a first date or a wedding anniversary night in. Are you ready? Let’s go!

– Make sure that the recipe you pick is one of which you are familiar. There is nothing worse than trying to get a complicated recipe off the ground on a date. You need this to be a good meal and one that you aren’t going to burn or get flustered over. It’s not the time to be adventurous – unless you were cooking together!

– Make the meal a surprise for them. You can tell them you’ve booked a restaurant and to meet you at your house to go there. Then, you can introduce them to Kitchen A La You! You will be able to show off your cooking skills while offering a really sweet surprise for the night.

– Make sure that your menu includes dessert and side orders, too, so that they get that restaurant experience even without going to a real one!

– Practice, practice, practice! All recipes need a little practice before you go for broke. You want this to be a good night, and that involves you knowing what you’re doing. You want to cook it at least a week in advance, as it gives you time to tweak it and test out different flavours and options.

– Make sure you know about allergies and any preferences, too. There’s no need to cook lobster for someone who hates seafood!
Your home should be clean and tidy before your guest sits down for their meal. You should also plan in advance and tidy along as you cook to save yourself the washing up! A clean house is part of the fun!

– It’s not just about the main meal, but the atmosphere. Choose a playlist and some candles and set a scene for this meal. You want it to be right, and you should ensure that you get it right the first time. A three-course meal is better than one main and being done. It draws out the fun and you can really engage in conversation when you put more layers on it!


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