5 Reasons Why Charlamagne Tha God is a National Treasure

Yes, yes he is people and he should be treated as such.

Charlamagne tha God (a fellow Cancerian btw!) is by far one of my favorite personalities in urban radio. Unlike some people, I get him. As someone who has studied and worked in radio in the past, I find his voice in the commercial radio space to be refreshing. I know that he may not be on every one’s favorite list, but to me the man known as Charlamagne tha God is a national treasure. Here are 5 reasons why…

His hustle

From being Wendy Williams’ sidekick to being a host on the nation’s top rated (and most dangerous) radio show, Charlamagne stays working. He’s branched out with the Brilliant Idiots podcast and is a practically a regular on MTV2 starring in shows like Wild N’ Out, Guy Code and he’s even landed his very own late night talk show Uncommon Sense. Now he’s about to release his first book titled Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It in April (You can preorder it here).

He keeps it real

One of the things that I appreciate the most is that Charlamagne keeps it 1000000000% real no matter who he’s interviewing. I never feel like he has a biased opinion in any situation. There’s a few things that we know that’s going to happen when Charlamagne is interviewing someone but one thing that we know for sure is that he is going to ask the questions that we all want know.

He acknowledges his faults

When he says that he’s the balance between righteous and ratchet that couldn’t be more accurate, for myself included. I find public figures that push the “perfect” image to be unrelatable and highly suspect. Charlamagne always stands by the things that he has done or said whether people like it or not.

He helps others

I think its super dope that Charlamagne provides opportunity for others to get put on. With him being branded as the “villain” he surely does a lot of positive for his people. That’s just the cancer in him though!

He’s for the culture

Plain and simple, this man is a true advocate for the culture.

He may be the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pissing People Off” but I think we should really start giving Charlamagne his roses and recognizing the impact he’s made in our culture. His talk show Uncommon Sense returns to MTV2 tonight at 11:30pm EST. Can you name another person that represents the culture currently in the late-night television space?

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