5 Reasons To See A Pyschologist

Hello Shook Ones! With all this talk on Mental Health, I wanted to talk about some reasons why we probably should lay on somebodies couch. As humans, we all go through hardship, pain and everything in between. Our experiences throughout our lives is what shapes us to be a individuals that we are and some of us are walking around with a lot of baggage. Baggage that we unknowingly project onto others and carry into our romantic relationships that we shouldn’t be in because we haven’t properly dealt with the baggage to being with. Whew Chilay! That was a lot…but YOU KNOW there is some truth to it.

Without further ado…here are some reasons that we should go to therapy.

You want to reach your fitness goals

Your mentality is a big part of your weight loss/fitness journey. Getting to the bottom of how and why you got to a certain point and help you remove some roadblocks on your journey.

You want to be a good spouse

Marriage counseling can help you improve your communication in your relationship and keep it on the right track. It’s no secret that we can become complacent, especially in long-term relationships. Being a good spouse means taking the time to tend to your relationship. They even have online couples counseling¬†now so you have absolutely no excuse!

You want to excel in your career

Our careers has a lot to do with our self-esteem. Sometimes we may want to make a change but are afraid to take that jump. You may even be struggling with breaking into a field that you’ve been working hard towards. Talking through these concerns with someone can help you stay focused and be a major catalyst for changing your career path for the better

You want to be an awesome parent

We experience a lot in a childhoods and when we have children, we want to do everything we can to make sure our children are better off. However, its been proven that when we have children of our own, we often revert back to the parenting practices of our childhoods. Unpacking your childhood trauma can help you be the parent that you were meant to be.

You want to love yourself

Like the saying goes, “you can’t love anyone else until you love yourself”. Many people¬†(who may not even necessarily know what this phrase means) struggle with this and this is just one of the many roadblocks that can keep you from living your best life. Make YOUR happiness a PRIORITY!

There are many other reasons they say you should go to therapy…it’s not limited to just these 5. Many celebrities in the black community have talked extensively about their experiences going to therapy, including Michelle Williams and Charlamagne the God. This stigma that we have against therapy does NOT help in pushing our culture forward. Blacks in this country experience trauma of some sort on a regular basis, why is it that we don’t embrace the idea of seeking help?

Thank you for reading!

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