The 5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Traveling Newbie

Today’s blog post comes from a travel enthusiast, Amanda Sanders. Growing up as a military brat, traveling has always been a great love of mine. Amanda shares her traveling experience through this list of 5 mistakes to avoid when you are a traveling newbie. I personally think I’ve done at least two of these so…don’t be me!

Traveling is an experience many will never forget – but you’ll want to ensure it’s for the right reasons. Mistakes can be easily made when touring around the world, so it’s important you do all you can to avoid them. Here are five common problems travellers run into on their journey, and how to avoid them.

Don’t be scammed out of money

Many travelers – especially the first-time ones – fall into money-related traps without even realising it. If you stand out to locals as a tourist, you can expect them to make the most of you by hiking their prices up to sometimes extortionate amounts.

Don’t be tricked out of more than you should realistically be paying, especially in scamming hotspots such as marketplaces and taxis. If a price seems suspiciously high, attempt to haggle it down to a more sensible amount. If you’re successful, you could see yourself paying half of the original asking price.

Don’t pack the wrong things

If you’re not planning on staying put for too long, you won’t want to be lugging a huge, overflowing suitcase around behind you during your trip. The things you need to take traveling are considerably different to your typical holiday – strip it down to the basics, cutting out all the things you really won’t need.

The Secret Traveler suggests you leave those hefty hiking boots behind, for example – unless you do plan on climbing any mountains. And don’t bring every single gadget you own, either. Not only will you be at a greater risk of being stolen from, you’ll be weighing yourself down. Just your phone and your camera will do.

Don’t be overconfident

There’s a fine line between being confident and being cocky – be sure you don’t cross it. Although there’s nothing wrong with adventure, it’s important you’re not going overboard and putting yourself in danger. Always be vigilant and sensible, and don’t throw yourself into something you’re unsure of.

If there’s an activity you want to take part in, make sure it’s safe with all precautions being taken before you get involved. One reason travelers often get hurt is because of road accidents, what with traffic conditions in certain countries such as Thailand being particularly treacherous – and healthcare costs extortionately high.

Don’t be ignorant of the culture

Depending on where you’re headed to in the world, it could be beneficial to brush up on your knowledge of the culture. Some practices and norms are of great importance to locals in countries such as Japan, Thailand and China, so don’t be ignorant or uncaring of what’s important to them.

Usually, the culture is a by-product of the incredibly prevalent religions in these countries – Buddhism is a big part of day-to-day life, and so you’ll be expected to understand and respect this whenever you visit sites of cultural importance. From greeting locals to visiting temples, there’s sometimes a lot to be respectful of when traveling.

Don’t shy away from adventure

Last but not least, be sure to seize each and every moment of your travelling experience wherever you are. Take every opportunity that arises, and embrace the things you do and see. Meet new people, let your hair down and simply have fun. Traveling is often the best thing many people around the world will ever do, so don’t be weary – dive right in and do it.

What have you learned from experience? If you’re a traveler with some potential mistakes of your own to suggest, feel free to do so.

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