5 Kitchen Alternatives That’ll Make Your Diet Healthier

Your kitchen cupboards are packed to the brim with oils, spices and bullion cubes. The oils range from sesame to vegetable, and your waistband is feeling it. It’s lovely to make wonderfully wholesome and filling meals, but your rich cupboards aren’t going to give you the healthy diet you are finally crying out for. So, what can you do about your cupboards and your kitchen to instantly have a healthier diet that works better for your health and fitness goals?

Oil For Healthy Fats

There’s nothing like dipping olive oil in bread or cooking your eggs in vegetable oil. However, this isn’t necessarily good for you – especially if you’re not watching the amount you use. Oil has a lot of calories, so why not swap your oils for organic ghee or coconut oil? Ghee is made from butter, but it’s made with tons of vitamins that are fat-soluble. Coconut oil speaks for itself, but you can read more here about why you should swap.

Tinned Fish Swaps

Tuna is delicious, especially with mayo and cucumber in a sandwich. However, it’s not the healthiest tinned fish option. Tinned mackerel has high omega-3 fatty acids – it’s literally brain food! It’s also so good for the heart and your joints. Unfortunately, you won’t find that in tuna.

Healthy Appliances

Your deep fat fryer may make the best mozzarella in carrozza on the block, but the amount of oil you’re using is insane. You could learn to deep fry without oil with an air fryer. This way, you can make the same delicious foods with the crispness you get with frying, and yet you don’t eat half the calories or fat.

Oh, So Salty.

Table salt is common across many kitchens in the country but swapping your standard table salt for Himalayan crystal salt is a great option for your health. It’s still sodium and still needs to be used sparingly, but you can find it’s got more minerals than standard table salt does.

Rooibos, Please.

Redbush – or rooibos – tea is packed with antioxidants and is caffeine free. it’s an excellent alternative to regular tea, as it’s better for you and you can still drink it with milk. Tea should be a drink you have sparingly throughout the day anyway given the caffeine content, so you could keep your usual tea in the morning and have redbush throughout the day for the same great taste.

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