4 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care RIGHT NOW

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Self-care is more than just a trend. It’s not just a buzz phrase with little meaning behind it. Looking after yourself is essential. It’s good for your health, both physical and mental. It’s good for your mood and for your confidence. Practicing self-care can have a positive effect on your relationships and on your career. But, there’s no set of rules showing you how to do it. Self-care is different for everyone and encompasses a variety of different things.

Some methods of self-care are lifestyle changes that can’t be done just like that. These include getting into a fitness routine and eating a healthy, balanced diet. These changes don’t just happen overnight. They take time to build up. Others, like going on a vacation or treating yourself to something big, can’t just be done on a whim. They take planning, consideration and often time to save enough money. But, other things, you can do right now. Here’s a look at some easy ways to practice self-care, right now.

Write a List

Sure, some things take time, you can’t just do them right this second. But you can start to plan, and acknowledge the changes that you need to make to be a happier and healthier you. The first step to dealing with these things can be writing a list.

Write a list of all of the things that you want to do for yourself. It can include things like looking into mental health and addiction treatment, finding a course that you’d like to take, joining the gym or finding a personal trainer, giving your home a thorough declutter or sorting out your finances. You don’t need to do them all right away but writing them down is like making a promise of intent. It’s a step in the right direction, which will make you feel better.

Take a Bath

Are you super busy all of the time? Do your evenings consist of cooking, cleaning, looking after others and preparing for the next day? Are you far too busy to take a little time for yourself? Well, here’s a secret, if you leave the washing up for a night, or you feed the kids a cheese sandwich one night instead of a home cooked meal, nothing terrible will happen. Leave it for a night, run yourself a bath, read a book, and feel the tension leave your body as you soak.

Plan a Trip

Like writing a list, planning a trip is a step towards your ultimate goal of taking said trip. Sometimes, the planning is as exciting as the trip itself. Take some time to think about the places that you’d like to go. Look online at flights, hotels, attractions, and places of interest. Write things down, and even start booking if you can.  Having something to look forward to is a fantastic mood boost.

Paint Your Nails

Painting your nails is one of those tiny things that are just for you. Like having a bath, giving yourself a makeover, or moisturizing your body. It takes barely any time, but it makes you smile. Do things that make you smile as often as you can, and you’ll be happier.

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