4 Simple Tips For Looking After You

It is often the case that the people who need the most looking after are the ones that are busy looking after other people. And they put themselves on the shelf repeatedly. Pushing back going to the doctors to talk about something, skipping the dentist because they just don’t have the time. Even ditching the hobbies that they used to really enjoy. But, over time, that can have a much more significant impact than you might think. When we don’t do things that we enjoy and look after our minds and bodies, our stress levels will keep rising. The longer this is allowed to go on, the more likely you will end up suffering from chronic stress – which leads to many other health issues. 

So, what small things can you do to take care of yourself starting from right now?


Telling one that the need to get a better night’s sleep is like saying to someone that the sky is blue. We all know it is, but it isn’t always that easy. If you have been struggling to sleep for some time, then you might need to change how you handle your evenings. Introducing a routine that you stick to will help your brain start falling asleep before your head hits the pillow. Start the routine around 2 hours before you want to sleep. Have a hot cup of tea, turn the telly off, and put your phone down. Start reading a book that you enjoy or listening to gentle music. Make significant sleep part of your must-have happiness points. If you want to go to bed and listen to something calming, then try Headspace or the Calm app


Millions of us simply aren’t eating the right food to keep our bodies in the best working order it can be. So while you should aim to have a variety of fruits and vegetables every day, as well as enough water – you might consider a supplement. The chances are you have a deficit in more than one area. Many people typically are low in vitamin C, D, B12, and probiotics. But you can get nutritional help here which can choose what is right for you. 

Fresh Air

Sometimes finding the motivation to go for a walk is the most significant barrier. Often when you start walking and let your mind wander, they amble through the countryside or beating the streets of the city can be very relaxing. Not only does it get your blood flowing, but it gives your brain a chance to switch off for a while and process things in the background. If you work from home, it is even more vital that you fit those walks in. Walking and fresh air are proven to have a positive effect on productivity


Try and bring a hobby back into your life. Something that you used to love to do, but lost the love or the time for previously. Hobbies are great of our happiness levels, and creativity breeds creativity. So before you know it, you will be enjoying the fruits of your hobby, and find that your stress levels are lower, and you’re generally a bit brighter mood-wise. 

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