4 Jewelry Trends All Fashion Experts Are Loving This Year

If you love glamming up outfits with a bit of bling, then you’re going to enjoy this post. Today, I’m bringing some of the hottest autumn/winter jewelry trends right from the runway. These trends are loved by fashion experts and influencers, who all think they’re main things to think about when accessorizing your outfits with jewelry.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get into the trends:

Multicolored jewelry is in

You’ve heard of multicolored clothing, but have you ever really heard of multicolored jewelry? This trend has become so popular over summer as more and more celebs are caught wearing necklaces and rings that are rainbow colors. These items really stand out, which is what’s made them so popular. They bring some extra color and dynamism to outfits, and many fashion experts think this trend is here to stay.

Gemstones are making a comeback

You may remember the gemstone trend from a good few years back. Everyone used to love buying rings or necklaces with little gemstones in. Then, people shifted back towards plainer designs using mainly diamonds.

Now, colorful gems are making a comeback. This is mostly thanks to Meghan Markle who was showing off an aquamarine ring this year. People are now eagerly looking to buy gemstones online so they can get a similar ring!

Opal has also come into fashion a lot, but gemstones in general are making more of an appearance than they used to. So, if you’re buying some jewelry, make sure you get a colorful stone in yours.

Bypass rings are back

This style of ring has been around for decades, but it had fallen out of favor for quite some time. Now, they’re back! If you don’t know, this is a ring with a band that parts and overlaps, rather than making one round ‘ring’ shape.

It’s a unique look, which is what’s brought them back into fashion. The great thing about bypass rings is that they can come in some really eye-catching designs that make them stand out on your fingers.

Collars and bibs are the go-to necklace design

When it comes to necklaces, two types are standing out right now; collars and bibs. Well, I say two types, these are essentially the same thing just slightly different.

Basically, it’s a type of necklace with a very broad design that really stretches across the upper part of your chest – almost like a diamond encrusted bib or collar! It’s not subtle at all, but people love the in-your-faceness of this design.

They’re particularly popular when wearing low-cut dresses or going out to fancy events. I’m a big fan of this type of necklace as there are tons of unbelievably beautiful designs out there. Plus, I think they really add something to an outfit.

If you love jewelry, then you need to pay attention to these trends. Fashion experts are saying they’re the main things to look out for, so think about adding a few to your outfits. When it comes to effective accessories, you can’t go wrong with a bit of classy jewelry.


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