3 Small Limitations You May Still Be Placing On Yourself

The power of your mind is almost infinite. You have roughly the same mental hardware that was given to Einstein, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Wangari Maathai and anyone who has ever made great strides in the history of humanity. Of course, we might not be as specialized or have the functional IQ of some of those we respect, but just as they had the power to better their minds and choose their direction in life, for the most part – so do we.

However, despite looking at figures like this and thinking that they seem untouchable, they can often be humanized when we learn of the struggles they encountered, and the problems they faced. Limitations oppose us all – some in our environment, and some that are internalized. It can often be these secondary limitations that are the ones that stay the longest, because we might come to live with them and even start to view them as friends.

Everyone needs a shake up from time to time. Reflecting on your situation and considering who you are can only be healthy in this regard. On top of that, the loving advice of a careful friend can help you realize just what boundaries you’ve given yourself. It’s this role that we would like to help you with. Please consider:

You Worry What Others Think

While we’re all very much equipped to care for the opinions of others, it can often be too much of a limiting factor. For example, some might wish for a beautiful tattoo, but are worried about what their family might say – despite being well into adulthood. Some might wish to visit the Opera, but never book tickets nor ask a friend because they’re worried of being teased for their ‘antiquated’ interests. It might even be that you wish to change your appearance, such as have professional lip injection work done, or perhaps you wish to wear a completely new style. Too often are we dictated by that we think others might dislike, and this can truly harm how positive we feel. The only way through that is to do it. Those who accept you are worth keeping around. Those who do not, are not. This means your once-fear can turn into a fantastic social contact filtering system, so long as you know the difference between constructive criticism and mockery, or false praise and actual encouragement.

You’re Too Hard On Yourself

Holding yourself to a high standard is a great idea, because it leaves you little room to ignore your self-discipline means. But if you’re simply too hard on yourself, you’re going to have a very hard time of things. Don’t push yourself into this difficult situation. Ease up on yourself from time to time. If you can do this, you’ll find yourself opening your heart, and your self talk will become much more favorable.

You Always Notice Your Flaws

We all know our flaws. But the thing is, focusing on issues you cannot change will often blind you to things you can. Perhaps you’re insecure about your professional skill set for example, and so you cling too tightly to your authority over others in a role. One is an insecurity that despite being qualified, you’re never good enough. This is a personal flaw. Imposing that on others through misdirected behavior is a flaw you bring into the world. The first might prevent you from seeing the latter. This means that taking a measure of reflecting on your actual behavior can help you ignore the stories you tell yourself and instead see what’s happening in reality.

If you follow these three tips, you can improve your life tremendously. We wish you the best of luck.


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