3 Reasons To Reject Fast Fashion

“Fast fashion” is a term used to describe clothing that is quick to produce, quick to sell, and quick to go out of style. Essentially, fast fashion manufacturers seek to create a constant cycle of trends that update far more frequently than the conventional “seasons”.

Where seasons were once split into spring/summer and fall/winter, fast fashion has produced a non-stop treadmill of trends, with some styles lasting less than six weeks before they fade from focus.

There are undoubtedly benefits to fast fashion. For shoppers, the concept means always having something new to try. For retailers, fast fashion means selling more clothing. Due to these dual benefits, it’s tempting to see fast fashion as a positive – but is this actually the case?

Realistically, no. While fast fashion can be fun, there are three key reasons why you may want to refuse to engage with the practice…

Reason #1 – Your finances

Trying to keep up with the fast fashion cycle can genuinely have a catastrophic impact on your finances. The whole point of fast fashion is to achieve a “here today, gone tomorrow” approach to fashion, which traps buyers into:

  • Buying more (and thus spending more)
  • Purchasing clothes that will only be “on trend” for an incredibly short period of time

Financially, this process just doesn’t make sense. It would be understandable if you were spending more on high-quality items that will last for years, but fast fashion encourages the exact opposite behavior – spending more in exchange for a shorter shelf life.

Reason #2 – Ethical concerns

On almost every level, fast fashion is nothing short of an ethical disaster. Many of the biggest fast fashion manufacturers care little for the ecological impact of a continual thirst for raw garment materials, and, as detailed on https://goodonyou.eco/, the industry has also been linked to child labor practices.

In the modern world, the issues as mentioned above simply aren’t necessary. It’s perfectly possible to produce ethical clothing; the likes of https://www.tencel.com/ are pioneering garments created with sustainability at their core, and many non-fast-fashion brands have either ended, or pledged to end, any involvement with child labor.

Clearly, it isn’t necessary to compromise ethical norms to make clothing; the issue with fast fashion is the word fast. As the whole concept is to produce as much as possible, as quickly as possible, something has to give – and unfortunately, ethics tends to be the first thing to go.

Reason #3 – Poor quality

As discussed on https://www.npr.org/, fast fashion pieces aren’t made to last – after all, manufacturers are only intending for the garments to be on-trend for a few months. This tends to mean fast fashion pieces are made of inferior fabric and poor quality stitching; essentially, they just won’t stay the course.

In conclusion

Rejecting fast fashion means that you are rejecting expensive, poor quality, ethically compromising, and soon-to-be-out-of-style fashion. Instead, you may be better served spending on quality pieces from reputable manufacturers; clothing that is designed and made with care and consideration, and which will last you years rather than weeks.

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