Month: November 2018

Travel And Your Health

Travel is the perfect opportunity to explore the world and discover new horizons. With travel, you get to escape your normal life and have some incredible adventures. However, one of the things you’ll always carry with you is your health. While travel can help you escape in many ways, your Read More

How To Be Miss Independent

“She got her own thing…that’s why I love her” – Ne-Yo, Miss Independent (2008) We all naturally become more independent as we grow older, but turning eighteen doesn’t automatically mean that you’re equipped to take on the world alone. In fact, whether you realize it or not, chance are, you Read More

How to Deal with False Accusations

Anyone who has ever been falsely accused of something can vouch for the potentially devastating effects that false accusations can have on an individual’s life. When you are falsely accused of doing something that you haven’t done or having intentions that never even crossed through your mind, you can pass Read More


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