20 Years of Mya!

Thanks to my good friend DJ Heat, I got the opportunity to check out R&B singer Mya this weekend at Pride Fest here in Chicago. I have long been a fan of Mya’s. She was one of the singers from my teen years that I gravitated to and her self-titled debut album stayed in heavy rotation. During her show, she mentioned that she was celebrating 20 years and I thought to myself, “DAMN! It has been 20 years since All About Me came out!”

Ghetto Superstar was my introduction to Mya…

I was living in the UK in 1998 and that record was HUGE over there. By the time she released her debut album that same year, there was absolutely nothing you couldn’t tell me about  Mya! All of the singles released on that album were jams and I literally spent hours trying to learn how to do the moonwalk-esque dance move in the “Movin’ On” video.

Man this was my jam! When she performed this record I immediately thought about all the other songs that I loved on this record.

Mya (1998)

“It’s All About Me” with Sisqo, “My First Night With You” and the song that to this day is the rawest song title EVER “If You Died I Wouldn’t Cry Cause You Never Loved Me Anyway”. So many relatable records to my teenage experience were on this album and as I think back, this project truly was a soundtrack for every teenage girl in the late 90’s.

After her first album, the hits just kept on coming and she performed every single last one of them at her show! Mya has soooooooooo many hits in her catalog (including those she was featured on) that you probably don’t even realize. To this day if the DJ drop ANY of these songs in the club or on the radio you are SURE to get a response.

Take Me There

Lady Marmalade

Girls Dem Sugar

Best of Me (Remix)

Case of the Ex

My Love is Like…Whoa!

All of these records are staples not only in Mya’s career but also in Pop and R&B music so it‘s crazy to think that the only award she has won was a Grammy for Lady Marmalade. Mya took a hiatus from the industry and has since gone the independent artist route. She released her 13th studio album TKO (The Knock Out) in April of this year and last month her video “You Got Me” hit the internet.

Do ya’ll see this woman?! That vegan diet has been treating her extremely well!

Mya doesn’t look a day over 20 and she still can boom cat with the best of them! Seeing her perform (at Pride Fest at that) is a moment that I certainly won’t forget. Aside from being a fan of her music, I have always loved how genuine and warm she came across in her interviews. You can tell that her fans mean the world to her and that she takes every opportunity to connect with them (She met and took pictures with every single fan that was in line to see her at the meet and greet after her show and that line was LONG, ya’ll!) With someone with that kinda heart, is it really surprising that Mya has been killing the game for 20 years?


Congrats on 20 years, Mya! Please go support Mya and grab her latest album TKO (the Knock Out) or stream it on your preferred streaming platform. You can find all things Mya at her official website www.myamya.com.

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