10 Steps To Break Out Of That Comfort Zone And Live Your Best Life

You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘life starts outside of your comfort zone’, and honestly, it’s true. Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. You might be all snug inside of the comfort zone that you’ve been in for so long, but the fact is, it’s very rare that something new or exciting will happen in there. You’ll just live out the same life, day in day out, going to the same places, spending time with the same people…all the while wondering, could there be more to life? Well, yes, there can be. You can break out of your comfort zone and live a more fulfilling life by taking the following 10 steps. There’s no better time than now:

Try Random Acts Of Kindness

Many people think that to live a more fulfilling life they have to do more things for themselves – buy themselves more stuff, go on more trips, etc. While this can contribute to a more fulfilling life in one way or another, many people still need to realize that helping others is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling things you can do. Just try one random act of kindness today, and you’ll see how it can lift your spirit and the spirit of the person you’re helping. Maybe you could stop to help somebody change a tire, pay it forward in a coffee shop, or buy a homeless person lunch.

Aim to try one new random act of kindness each day and you will automatically make your life more fulfilling.

Come Up with A Plan And Take A Baby Step

Come up with a plan for your life. You don’t have to know every single detail, but having an idea of somewhere you want to go or something you want to do will help you. For example, let’s say you want to go diving and enjoy all of the beautiful marine life one day. If you don’t start taking baby steps towards this now, it’ll just be a dream, and you’ll likely never do it. So, start researching different packages today. Put a little money aside tomorrow, and work out how much you’re going to need. Eventually, book a diving package, continue saving, and just go for it! You can use baby steps whether you want to accomplish something big or small. All great things start with taking baby steps.

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

The key to getting out of your comfort zone is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Know that if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing, evolving, or learning. You should now spend very little time in your cozy comfort zone, and find plenty of ways you can get out of it. Maybe you could start a conversation with a stranger, or sign up to do a class you’ve always thought of doing.

Try to get a little uncomfortable every day.

Spend Time With People Who Take Risks

Did you know that we become most like the people we spend the most time with? It’s true! Take a look at the 5 people you spend the most time with and think about it. Are they risk takers, or people who are also stuck inside their comfort zones? You don’t have to cut them off, or give them a lecture on how they should be more daring, but you should network a little. See if you can find people to spend time with who love taking risks, who live outside of their comfort zone regularly. If you spend more time with people that are daring risk takers, you will be more likely to act like them. You might get some great tips, too!

Become Aware Of Your Excuses

Everybody has excuses. I can’t get up because I hate Mondays. I can’t go to the gym because I don’t have time. I’m too old. I’m not talented enough. I’m too poor. I’m not smart enough. All of these are just excuses, and there are so many more out there, too. It’s important to recognize them for what they are. They are both conscious and subconscious excuses that do nothing more keep you from believing you are worthy of an amazing life.

You don’t have to believe your own excuses any more. You can tell yourself a new, different story. We will all live out the stories we tell ourselves most often, so change your story and you can change your life.

Focus On Having Fun

One of the most powerful things you can do is focus on having fun. If you simply follow your instincts and do the things you really enjoy, without letting your excuses or fear of failure hold you back, you’ll find yourself out of your comfort zone eventually. You’ll experience new things, learn new skills, meet new people – the list goes on.

Learn How To Go With Your Gut

Trusting your gut is something a lot of us have forgotten how to do. We’re so controlled by fear that we let our ego get the better of us instead. Try to become still more often and think about what your gut is telling you. If the voice is calm and reasonable, it’s usually the gut. If its panicky and unsure, it’s your ego/head.

Visualize Where You Want To Be

Have a visualization in your head of the end result. You don’t need to know how you’re going to get there. Just know where you want to be. Know who you want to be with and what you want to be doing. Most importantly, what do you want to feel like? Start feeling like you are that person now, and hold your vision in mind.

Remember Why You’re Doing This

Never forget your why. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Do Something Totally Unexpected

Do something completely unexpected for you. Go on a big ride at a fairground, or take a jazz dance class. Doing something out of the ordinary will feel great. You don’t have to do it again, just enjoy the feeling and keep on chasing it!

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